What Clients Say About Us

As a full-service landscaping company in Wilmington and Tewksbury, we take great pride in providing exceptional outdoor solutions for our valued clients. Don't just take our word for it though, read on to hear what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience working with us.

I have found them to be friendly, timely and reliable...

"I am a very happy and satisfied customer of Russell Landscaping of Wilmington MA. This was my first year using them for landscaping services and I have only great things to say. From my first interaction with owner, Joe Russell, to now, I have found them to be friendly, timely and reliable, consistent, and always available to help! I plan on using them next year and give them high marks. I highly recommend them!"

- Joanne C

I’d highly recommend Joe and his team!

"This past summer, I asked Joe to come out and let me know what it would cost for him to mow my front and backyard. He quoted me a great price and was nice enough to notice a few things in my yard that he could clean up for me as well. Hiring him was the best decision I made all year. Joe and his team kept my yard looking beautiful from spring to fall. The grass looked better than it ever had in the entire six years I’d lived there. I’d highly recommend Joe and his team!"

- Grazia C

The most thorough landscaper in town...

"Great service! I highly recommend Joey and his crew at Russell Landscaping. He sticks to schedules, has a fair price, and is the most thorough landscaper in town. His attention to detail really shows."

- Tom D

I highly recommend them.

"Russell Lawn and Landscape is extremely reliable, dedicated, and makes sure that everything is okay. They check in with you on a regular basis. I highly recommend them. They have actually done additional side jobs for me within the yard and I have been extremely happy, especially taking out the poison ivy that I had in the yard. Anytime that you should call with any questions or anything that you would like for them to do within a 24-hour period, they get back to you. Again, I highly recommend them."

- Theresa M

The service is worth every penny.

"Impeccable work. On time and professional. Easy to work with. I use both landscaping and snow removal. The service is worth every penny."

- Alex M

The most dependable and friendly company...

"Russell Landscaping is without a doubt the most dependable and friendly company I have ever used!!! Every week they show up to mow my yard and they are always smiling and laughing and even let my 5-year old son go for a ride on one of the mowers! I will never use another landscaping company again. Thanks Russell Landscaping."

- Ross M, Wilmington

Beautiful job done...

"The work ethic and professionalism with Russell’s is exactly what you would expect when hiring landscapers. Along with that the quality of work that is performed every week to my yard makes everyone’s head turn and awe at the beautiful job done on a consistent basis."

- Chuck D, Tewksbury

I just want to say thank you to Joe and his crew...

"After receiving many quotes from dozens of landscaping companies, I decided to go with Russell Landscaping. Joe personally made the time to come out and give me a quote at my convenience, which right away gave me a good feeling about his company. Not many owners would take time out of their day to come and give me a quote on a simple clean up job but Joe really showed me what he was all about. He showed with a smile and a firm handshake and had a very enthusiastic way about him which allowed me to immediately choose his company to complete the work I needed done, and they did a stellar job! I just want to say thank you to Joe and his crew for really making me confident in my decision to use them as my landscapers."

-John R, Wilmington

I no longer have to stress...

"Having a landscaper that can handle walking into a fenced in yard with three dogs running around is a lot to ask. But, the guys at Russell’s not only thrive at it, they know all three of my dog’s names and even bring them treats on their weekly visits. Also, in the past, I have been on my way home from work and would suddenly see my dogs hundreds of feet from my house due to the old landscapers neglecting to close the gate after they finished mowing. After four months with Russell Landscaping, I can say I have never once had this issue and no longer have to stress about losing one of my puppies."

- Caroline W, Reading