deer eating arborvitae.jpg

Stop Deer from Eating Your Plants

Deer, while very beautiful to look at can ravage your landscape. Deer absolutely love to eat a variety of plants, especially your arborvitaes. Luckily there are a couple of very easy and inexpensive options to help prevent the deer from feasting on your beautiful plants.

The best results we have found is to spray Deer Out which can be purchased right on Amazon. The results using this product have been fantastic in our experience and it is not a harmful chemical to people, animals, or plants. The product acts as an invisible fence that deters the deer from wanting to devour the plants that the product is sprayed on.

Another option would be to add some deer fencing around the plants under attack. While the deer fencing is our first choice due to the aesthetics of it, it does work very well. Deer fencing can be picked up at any local big box hardware store and is super easy to install.