Rock and Dirt Removal in Wilmington, MA

Need those rocks gone but don’t want to spend thousands having them hauled away?

To hire a landscaping company or and excavation company to come pick up and haul away those unwanted rocks on your property will be quite costly and most cases thousands of dollars for the labor, equipment, dump fees etc. Here is my advice to anyone in this situation that wants to save a few bucks.

The best way to get rid of larger rocks on your property is to simply bury them. If you have access to an excavator or backhoe which would be the ideal pieces of equipment to use then simply dig a hole and role the rocks right in. If you don’t have the access to the machines then if you live in NH then you can simply rent one for a couple of hundred dollars. If you find yourself in MA where a hoisting license is required then you can hire a landscape or excavation company to come bury those rocks for you and in most cases this will be less than $1,000 and you’re getting a licensed professional to do all of the work for you.

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