How to get my property ready for spring

So you want to roll up your sleeves and spend the day doing some good hard honest labor do ya? Well that’s great! Today I am going to share with you EXACTLY what to do so that when everything starts turning pretty colors, your home will be the focal point of the street. Here are my 7 tips to make your property look like you have a landscaper, without actually hiring one!

  • Pick up all of the little and big sticks in your yard that have fallen over the winter
  • Cut down any perennial grasses or hostas that you may have forgotten in the fall
  • Rake all of the leaves out of your flower beds and lawns and if you want to save some time, invest in a leaf blower to speed things up
  • Now this step will take some muscle, you need to dethatch your lawn either by hand with a rake which means jump on that phone and call all friends and family you can get to make it not so difficult, or, rent a machine from a local rental center
  • Now you get to cleanup that thatch and add it to your compost pile or dispose of it at a local yard waste dump
  • Yup, now it’s time to get back in those flower beds and pull up any weeds that may have sprouted or been left from last year
  • Now the icing on the cake, take a stick edger, we use the half-moon shape ones, and make a nice deep edge along ALL of your flower beds to really make that landscape look crisp

Now finally it’s time to sit back and watch as Mother Nature turns your dormant landscape into the most vibrant looking home on the street! Happy Spring to everyone!

Here’s a quick pro tip: Make sure your edger blade is nice and sharp so that it cuts into the ground with ease to reduce the effort you will need to exert