How much does landscaping cost?

How much does landscaping cost is the most frequent question that I am asked by people. The cost of landscaping is completely dependent on a variety of factors. Having your lawn mowed on a weekly basis may be $50 or $60 per week and on the other side of the cost scale a new outdoor living space with a patio, sitting walls, and an outdoor kitchen will be 10’s of thousands of dollars. You must also take into account the company you choose because you may get a low price that you love and all of a sudden the company stops showing up or doing and quality of work or customer service because they realize they can’t afford to provide service for the original price.

The best advice I can give is to have more money set aside for a project or service than you may think it will cost, that way you have a “safety buffer” and you won’t have to give up the service of professionals over a price you didn’t anticipate. Also try to think in terms of “how much will this project make me?” instead of “how much will it cost?” because landscaping is an investment on your property and will drastically increase the appraisal value of your home, the same as an updated bathroom or a new kitchen would. Always do research on the company you choose, read reviews, check out their website, and most importantly, always communicate expectations to avoid any hiccups with not just the landscaper but any hired contractor.