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How much does a paver patio cost?

Probably less than you would expect. When you take into account the longevity of a product like pavers it decreases the overall cost of a patio significantly overtime, especially for colder climates where the ground is going to move with all of the freeze and thaw cycles. We have installed patios that have a price range from $5,000 for small simple patios all the way up to $50,000 which are far more complex and larger areas.

When compared to a product like concrete, stamped concrete, and asphalt it is really a no brainer which one to use for a patio. Unlike the products listed pavers will not crack overtime which means you will have no repair costs, no unsightly blemishes and most importantly NO CRACKING.

Pavers are so easy to maintain because even though most people hire the company with the "cheapest" price and the job is done incorrectly, they are able to hire a professional and knowledgeable company, like ours, to come in and repair the sinking or separating joints for far less than replacing the entire patio. For a concrete patio that will inevitably crack within 5 years you are talking about some big bucks to replace the entire thing.

Paver patio cost all comes down to the same few factors. Size, design complexity, access, terrain, and most importantly the type of paver chosen as there are such a varying range of pricing for each even within the same manufacturer. If you would like to know how much a patio would cost for you just visit our website and we will be happy to help.