Does Landscaping Have a Good ROI?

Why hire a professional property maintenance company? Anyone can mow a lawn and blow leaves right? While that may be correct, that is the same as saying that anyone with a phone is a photographer. By hiring a professional property maintenance company, you are receiving trained professionals who have the knowledge, equipment, and materials to make sure you are investing in your property.

With a consistent and frequent property maintenance service, you are investing that money back into your property. You are not only going to have fantastic curb appeal, which is the #1 reason someone does or does not buy your property, it also yields a bare minimum of a 20% return on investment. If banks gave ROI’s that high we would all be millionaires 10x over.

However you decide to maintain your property is up to you! Remember it isn’t always as expensive as it may seem. Our maintenance plans start at only $199/month. We all know people that spend more than that at Starbucks each month.