Aeration in Willington, MA

It’s that time of year already!

Fall is here and with it, cooler temperatures. That makes it the best time to work on establishing a greener, thicker, and overall healthier lawn for next year. Two of the best ways to do this without breaking the bank is a simple Aeration and Over-Seeding combination.

The best window to perform these jobs in this part of the country is during September and October. Aeration opens up the lawn the pulling plugs if dirt out to allow the compaction from lawn use to loosen the soil, allow air in, and encourage the solid to accept more nutrients which helps to promote root growth to achieve deeper, stronger grass roots.

With the added Over-Seeding this helps to fill in bare spots to decrease the likely of of weed germination. By over-seeding during the fall it allows the grass seed more time t grow and become strong before the harsh heat that the summer brings.

This is a great project to do on your own, but if you don’t feel like going through the trouble of renting or purchasing an aerator, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call so we can help to improve your lawn one step at a time.