5 Easy DIY ways to improve your Home’s Curb Appeal


Probably the easiest way to improve your curb appeal is to make sure everything is tidy. Any loose hoses can be put on a reel or hung on a hook neatly. Make sure to keep any toys picked up and kept in a designated spot to make sure they won’t be seen by passersby; otherwise, your home will be viewed as messy.


Keep your mulch beds fresh each and every season with a simple layer of fresh mulch. A lot of people think that they can mulch every few years and by doing so it just hurts your homes appearance. By putting down fresh mulch every spring the benefits are great. It keeps the weeds down, keeps the roots of plants cool in the hot summer, and it makes everything pop and looks fresh and new.


There may be nothing more off-putting to your curb appeal than having big, ugly, overgrown bushes. Make sure to trim your bushes every year so that they stay nice, full and beautiful. By neglecting them they will grow rampant and cover the front of your home and will get up against the siding and prevent the moisture from drying and in turn you will end up with mold growth on the side of the home. Also when the bushes grow out of control, trimming them back becomes a much bigger job and causes more harm to the plant due to the fact that much more material will have to be taken off exposing large limbs instead of the nice colors of the bush.


This is a point that I cannot stress enough. Make sure to keep all of your edges sharp. Edges are where the grass meets the driveway, walkway, patio, and flower beds. This is such a simple task that will take 20 minutes to complete and will surprise you how much better your home will look with crisp, clean edges as opposed to grass encroaching on your hard surfaces and flower beds.


Get a bottle of water, some work gloves, and a very good attitude because this final point is critical. Get outside and pull those ugly, nasty weeds from everything. If you make it a weekly event for 30 minutes this will be no problem at all for you. However, if you let the weeds go for weeks and months you will one day find a VERY big task on your hands. Weeding is very simple, but can be quite time consuming so take your time and try your best to enjoy it because the benefits to your homes appearance will be incredible.